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Helpful Websites

How to schedule your trip on RTD Trip Planner 

RTD trip planner home page. Start from and end at section circled.

Step 1: Go to 

Step 2: On the RTD Planner homepage, enter your starting point (where you are at the moment) in the "Start from" section. 

Step 3: Enter your destination in the "End at" section.

Tip for steps 1&2 : You can use your current location by clicking "Use My Location" or you can choose your starting point by clicking "Choose on Map".

RTD trip planer section 3, travel preferences, edit button circled

Step 4:  In the "Travel preferences" section, click edit in order to change your preferences. You can change put the time you'd like to leave your location or arrive at your destination, as well as other preferences like if you want the best trip or a trip with the fewest transfers, etc. 

RTD trip planner "plan your trip" button circled

Step 5: After doing steps 1 through 3, click the "Plan your trip" button.

RTD trip planner suggested trips example

Step 6: Scroll down after step 4 and you'll see some suggested trips as well as a map. Choose whichever one you think is best for you.

RTD trip planner, print this trip button circled

EXTRA: If you have access to a printer, you have the option to print your trip, simply scroll towards the bottom of the page and click the "Print this trip" button. 

How to add your classes on Google Classroom 

google classroom homepage

Step 1: Go to 

Step 2: Click on the button that says "Go to Classroom".

google sign in

Step 3: Sign in using your Google account

google classroom student start page, plus button

Step 4: After signing in, click the + sign at the top right of the page and click "Join class"

google classroom class code
blue join button

Step 5: Ask your teacher for your class code. 

Step 6: After putting your class code in the designated area, press the blue "Join" button. 

student example google class

Step 7: After your screen looks something like this, you've successfully joined your class!